Returns the garment star that won Jennifer Aniston in the series Friends


Jackets fabrics are one of the garments of the season, but now they can be carried with a high neck, as she wore Jennifer Aniston in the series Friends. Also called shirts without sleeves, layer your outfits with style.
Jennifer Aniston put fashion in the series Friends.

The vests or shirts without sleeves the promise of becoming the garment star of the season.

In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston made famouss, when her character, Rachael Green, used all the time, and in different colors.

With mini dresses and high boots, it will look super trendy. Photo: IG.

Then they were saved in the locker, and this year they return to the tracks with a lot of power.

Carry it with leather pants and shirt underneath.

Whether the street style adopted him and promises to stay long time to lookear your outfits more hiteros.

It wear it with leather pants, dresses, shorts, pants tailoring or with jeans.

In colors nertros, are the favorites. Photo: IG.

While it is a garment that is already installed in the season, you are going peeping timidly in neutral colors and with a design detail.

For a casual look , llevalos with chupin to the tone. Photo: IG.

The vest fabric with-neck t-shirt it is ideal for those days that you need to be well dressed, warm and the temperatures are not as low.

Some are encouraged to take it in stronger colors, and combine it with the accessories. Photo: IG.

Can be worn with a shirt underneath in a color to against tone or just use it on the skin.

They are ideal for the looks of the office. Photo: IG.

Vests with high neck they are super versatile, as it can combine with many garments and accessories.

Also carried on the skin. Photo: IG.

Adapt to the look more casual as to those requiring more sobriety, such as going to the office.

Llevalos with jeans for a more relaxed look. Photo: IG.

We can say, that in times where the video calls are so pervasive, this is the perfect garment to keep you well-dressed, warm and comfortable at home.

The mix of textures is another of the items of the season. Photo: IG.

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