Rihanna launches a fierce campaign against Donald Trump



Rihanna it is one of the singers who has always been outspoken against the management of Donald Trump as president of the united States. Their struggle focuses on raising your voice for the african-american community and the migrant population in the world. But the recent case of George Floyd in Minneapolis it made the diva to explode in the social media against the racism that every time it records an alarming rate in this nation. In addition, due to the lack of measures for people of african descent.

It turns out that the diva of 33 years, took control of its profile in Instagram to start a kind of campaign, fierce, against Trump. It is worth remembering that the city is facing strong protests from the past 25 de mayo to demand justice be done and processed at the police officer, Derek Chauvinwho caused the death of the citizen of 46 years, after submit it in the street and put his knee on the neck to prevent breathing.

The sharp message that wrote the singer of “Rude boy” was the following: “VOTE. You don’t have anything else to do, man! Get your butt off the couch and go vote! I don’t want to hear another excuse! I stop believing that your vote and your voice don’t matter! This is the most unlawful of protest … vote for the change that you want!” The publication of the girl from Barbados was made viral in seconds. In just 2 hours reached more than 600 thousand “Likes” and almost 5 thousand comments.

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Rihanna is pretty tough with racism

As you well know, the next 3 of November will be held the 59° to the presidential elections in the United States. To this date, the voters elect convention delegates, who in turn elect the new president and vice-president of the nation. However, Rihanna, and other celebrities, have been put in fabric of judgment the name of Trump after their recent performances on the death of Floyd and the protests of dozens of citizens.

In the case of Floyd, the singer and also businesswoman to be expressed on the social networks: “In recent days, the magnitude of the devastation, the anger and the sadness I have felt has been overwhelming to say the least! I see my people being killed and linchada day after day pushed me to a place heavy on my heart! Up to the point of staying away from social networks, just to avoid hearing again the agony of the blood in the voice of George Floyd, begging again and again for his life!”