Rosario Central comes an important virtual meeting to discuss salaries |


The situation of Rosario Central, like that of all the clubs of Argentina, it is difficult in the economic aspect. And this Wednesday, leaders and players of the professional staff rogue will meet by video conference to renegotiate the payment of the salaries of the quarter April-may-June.

“First let’s talk about the form of pay off a small debtthat we were going to pay this Monday and we’re going to do this week,” said the secretary of the club canalla, William Hanono.

In this sense, Hanono recalled: “We have an agreement for the salaries of February and march, in which we established a salary cap and a refinancing subsequent to the balance. But the economic situation of the club in April, may and June is a bit more complicatedso now let’s pose a combination of two measures”.

Asked about whether such measures are a salary reduction and a refi of payments to the campus, the secretary auriazul admitted that “there’s a little bit of every thing”.

“What we are doing is not more than bring this item to the economic situation of the club -in the framework of a consensus with the players – as we did until now and as have all of the clubs, beyond that now we have to discuss some points with the campus,” he explained.

Consulted on the the absence of trade union of players (Argentine Footballers Members) in the morning meeting, Hanono said that “Members participated in the previous agreementunlike Utedyc, which was agreed directly with the AFA a wage reduction of 20 per cent in may and 25 percent in June.”