Selena Gomez, more willing than ever to find love


Selena Gomez is in a very quiet and stable in your life. The artist has suffered years of hard desamores and personal problems, which, together with the health, have made live times very complicated. However, there is currently so good that it has returned to believe in love.

It is not that you need to be with anyone, because you don’t need anyone to be happy, but Selena Gomez will not close the doors to love. The artist is opened in the channel with their latest album, ‘Rare’ in which I reflected on different times of his life in each one of the songs.

For example, ‘Lose you to love me’ is an open letter to the artist Justin Bieber. This is a song that closes his story forever. ‘Boyfriend’, for its part, is a topic that describes your situation loving current.

“It was not an inspiration, but let’s have some fun. Julia (friend and coescritora of the song) said to me: ‘What is the vibe today?’. I said: ‘I don’t know I want a boyfriend’. Just what I said, but I am open to that”, said the singer of ‘Boyfriend’.

Despite having suffered mal de amores, currently Selena Gomez is in a stage in which you do not need anyone. But the artist would not mind it appeared to be someone in your life. Yes, provided that it is someone that adds up.

“We wanted it to be very simple, but which also had a flow of rhythmic, that you do want to move your head from side to side. It is a song that makes people feel happy and, I don’t know, fun and sexy,” said Selena Gomez on his new song. I hope life will surprise you, and for good!