Serena Williams adds to campaign against racism

By Alfredo Ortiz

The multichampion of the Women’s Association Tennis (WTA) has published in their social networks a video with a message short and concise, inviting to reflect on the way in which people do not empathizes against an evil that has not only plagued the sport, but to the society from many years ago.

“For once don’t do it; don’t pretend that there is a problem in the united States, do not accept that we lose innocent lives, not put more excuses, do not think that this will not affect, or give the back to stay in silence. Do not think that you can’t be part of the change, let us all be part of the change”.

In addition, the younger of the Williams, various players of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League Americano (NFL) have also been saying about it, encouraging them to reflect and act against this situation.

-End of note-