Singer Halsey was wound with pellets of rubber in protest of the U.S.


Halsey like several artists, has been present during the wave of demonstrations that were living in the united States, because of the death at the hands of the police-citizen african-american George Floyd. However Halsey was not only to protest, along with her boyfriend, also a musician Yungblud, is dedicated to heal the wounds of other protesters.


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It was in these circumstances where the artist received the impact of a ball of rubber, a fact that gave Halsey through its account of Instagram. Along with the image, which gives an account of the shot in your buttock gave his testimony of what happened:

“This hit me up through layers of fabric and that is why I am extremely privileged. Up close, it would have caused serious injury. Were fired in the faces of the people during the times of peaceful manifestation”wrote Halsey in their Stories of Instagram.

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In another publication in your account of Instagram, Halsey realized the peaceful atmosphere that was experienced while she was protesting in the streets of Los Angeles along with hundreds of other people. However he assured that not condoning the act of violent police. The singer also made a call to all his followers to continue protesting in different ways.