Sirtfood, the diet with the that Adele managed to lose weight that includes wine and chocolate!


Three phases and fewer calories

Created by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenthis dietary regimen it promotes the loss of up to 5 pounds a week. The first three days the calorie intake is reduced to 1,000, taking three green juices and only a meal “Sirt. From day 4 to 7 swallowed two juices and two meals that do not exceed the 1500 calories. In the following two weeks, maintenance is done with three meals and a green juice without counting calories with much detail.

Glass of red wine to accompany the meals of the diet Sirtfood©Istock
The wine has a high content of sirtuins

Indulgences healthy

If a well is included in the chapter “healthy”, the diet Sirtfood is not exempt from doubts by being hypocaloric. Now, every rule has its exception, and in this case it is the red wine, a drink that is not removed and that it can take –from the third phase– regular. By the concentration of tannins, contributes to the digestion though –and like everything– you must be consumed with moderation.

Adele along with her personal trainer in a selfie©@adele
In his posts most recent the singer hinted at his drastic change

Fitness with famous friends

Another key to the transformation of Adele has been the physical exercise. More than once he commented that “he abhorred the gym”, as published the edition online of Mirror UK; but now follows a routine that varies the intensity levels. Pilates sessions in the studio are complemented with the practice of hiking , almost always in the company of other musicians – Harry Styles between them– or your personal trainer.

After facing problems in their vocal cords, and the separation from her husband Simon Konecki, Adele he says –at your own pace– Hello the world with a metabolism recharged and that sparkling personality that we adore. We can’t wait to see more pictures of this new facet of the singer seems to be enjoying herself as never before.

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