So now looks Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey, born in the united States, is world-famous for its music and its privileged voice that led her to transcend almost all over the world. Little they know that behind all this success and apparent happiness, the american singer suffers from a bipolar disorder for many years.

This disease has caused various problems in their daily lives, reaching their lowest point in the year 2001, when he suffered a crisis of such magnitude that it led to the withdrawal from the scenarios, and public activity for a considerable time.


It is known that she struggles with her illness on a daily basis and has been hospitalized on a couple of occasions in the best mental health clinics, which allowed him to return to shine and resume his career.

Mariah Carey he was born in New York; the united States on march 27, 1969. Is a singer, songwriter, music producer, actress and philanthropist american. Known as the “songbird supreme” by the Guinness Book of records, is recognized for its vocal range of five octaves, its power, its style melism├ítico and by the use of the registry of hiss.