SpaceX: The suits of the astronauts are the work of the author of the costume of Batman or Wonder Woman


SpaceX and NASA they decided to collaborate face to the conquest of space. Last Sunday, the ship Falcon 9 is acopl with great success in the Station International Space after its launch from Cape Caaveral. In fact histrico in exploring special due to the collaboration public and private, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnkenbecame as in the first NASA astronauts to fly for a company private. And, the company of Elon Musk meets as one of its first objectives and haca, as always happens in this kind of things, with great pomp and publicity, And it is ah where highlights the costumes of the astronauts, cutting edge and different to which we are accustomed.

Both astronauts wore suits customized by the artist mexican american Jos Fernndez

Fernndez, artist, born in the united States, is responsible for the costumes of both astronauts, which differed in multiple aspects of the major, little practical and bulky uniforms of cosmonauts are launched into space. According to inform NASA and the own SpaceX, we talk about a few costumes up to 40 % dm lighter than the previously used and with a range of materials new in its making which makes ms insurance and easily view and use on certain conditions. According to seala the Space Agency of the united States, and what it is made of eco Verne of The Pas, are the product of a competition held in 2016.

SpaceX came to the designer to suggest you to enter in a contest design to these costumes, which retract ideas and proposals of the creators ms important all over the world. “In those das yo no saba qu was SpaceX, and thought it was for a film”confessed Fernndez in an interview with the magazine Bleep. “Then I realized that it was for a space program is real and that they were looking for proposals of design to that Elon Musk will take a look at it“says Fernndez. The designer, who won this contest without a full suit, only sent him a detailed sketch of what l believe to be the helmets. And gan, clear est. Although it may seem like a function, addresses within the show usual of exploring space, the new suits have a reason to be. “The space suit act as emergency backup for life support systems, redundant spacecraft“explains Richard Watsonresponsible of the subsystem of the space suits to the Program of crew-commercial NASA. Thanks to them, the astronauts can survive and move through a scenario hostile to human life. Her look futuristic, in contrast, lacks other things.

He has worked in films like Thor, Batman, or collaborated with Daft Punk

However, Fernndez know how to give shape to the dreams of the spectators and the imaginacin of human beings, because inici his career as a designer of costumes for theater Hollywood in Gremlins (1989). Along the dcada de los aos noventa, participated in multiple projects until he came to Ironhead Studio, a company that fund in 2007 and in recent years it has become vital in the production of superhroes film of Marvel and DC, counting in your catalogue having designed the costumes that have been worn on the big screen hroes as Thor, Batman and Black Panther. Has also worked on creating helmets and other materials for musicians such as Daft Punk, and Kid Cudi, and in the past few years, dot of realism to the tape Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.