Tennis | Serena Williams, “worried”: “There are people in tennis who lives on the day and now has no income”


Serena Williamsone of the athletes that has protested vigorously against racism in the wake of the violent death at the hands of police of african-american George Floyd, neither loses sight of the problems that arise in their sport, the tennis, because of the crisis caused in many areas of the pandemic COVID-19.

“I’m very concerned about what is happening in the circuit. There are guys and girls who live on the tennis week to week, and currently have no income. It is terrible for them”said a few days ago that the former number one of the WTA in the podcast, Google KindredCastin which talked with the CEO of Lion Three, Aryeh Bourkoff. “I have spent many years playing, so that my position is different, but for just starting out, this situation is not the best”.

“We will have to begin to ask questions to prevent those things from ever happening again, and improve the daily life of the people in this world,” said Serena, who has serious doubts about the return of the competition at the global level: “Ours is a sport with an international character. We have a set of problems completely different from all the others. I don’t even know how it will be possible to begin to travel again in a few months. I honestly do not know what will happen”.