Tennis Talk on trend: How to wear them with denim jeans?


The tennis talk style loot are one of the obsessions final for the year 2020. The street style of past Fashion Weeks gave us images of all kinds of styles with an interesting twist: the inclusion of Talkone of the sneakers most legendary in the history of fashion that had their respective recess, but now they’re back with more force than ever.

There is no doubt that the combination most foolproof way to wear this footwear is with jeansbut of course, dand according to the latest trends and here’s what they are, and the keys to achieving outfits winners.

What is the key to wearing jeans with tennis Talk?

If you are going to wear Converse, make sure you do it with mom or boyfriend jeans.

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According to the street style, the best way to go tennis Talk it is with pants style mom or boyfriend. The idea is that the silhouette is loose and the hem reaches to the height of your ankle or, if desired, a little further up, this will depend on your height. If you’re short, the best alternative is to let the arena stay in the ankle in order not to lose height.

On the other hand, the details of the jeans are important. The desflecados in the arena are also a trend we have consistently seen in the streets of the fashion capitals, as well as some of the walkways between the listed Brandon Maxwell and Givenchy, two fashion houses that also raised to the obsession torn pants. But remember: if you’re going to combine with Converse must be mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, high-waist or at the hip.

How to combine jeans with tennis Talk?

The t-shirts smooth in short, they are the best allies of the combo tennis Converse+jeansespecially if you wear style muscle, those in which the sleeves are very short, but they reach to cover half of the shoulder. If you add a blazer, you have the uniform perfect 2020.

On the other hand, the minicárdigans continue to rise. If you need a reference, the best is on Hailey Baldwin, who has brought these clothing buttoned way of ombligera. You can imitate their formula, or, wear jeans high waist if you don’t like to look too the abdomen.

But if you are practical and classic, don’t forget to use the garment most infallible of all time: a white shirt that you can strapping the inside of the pants and with the sleeves folded, or loose-fitting as you would Meghan Markle with his famous white shirt and stripe print, signed by Misha Nonoo.

What are the mistakes that you should avoid to combine jeans with tennis Talk?

We already talked about the jeans that you should wear with tennis Talk, now let’s talk about those who do not. Prevents the silhouettes completely skinny to cover all of your legs, you can allow the ring to arrive before the start of the tennis and leave it to see a brief section of skin, that is a trick of style that will go well with women with legs very thin and long.

On the other hand, the cuffed jeans yes they are recommended, but there are restrictions. It is better to decline the that are style ‘leg of the elephant’, those whose arena is of size maxi. If you are going to opt for cuffed jeans, which is the style presented by the French firm Celine in their spring/summer season, in which we saw jeans slightly cuffedbut not too much.

The tennis Talk are the shoes that all the it girls take the summer and the rest of the year to all parties (yes, even at the office during the new normal). So don’t be afraid to take them and follow this manual of style to achieve winning combinations, courtesy of prescriptoras style of all parts of the world.

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