The bikinis low cost Zara that conquest Becky G and half a world


becky g

June 03, 2020
(14:57 CET)

Becky G it has always shown as a lover of the beach and therefore the bikinis. Despite the fact that one of them played him a trick and made him change his life, because it was overweight, and from there hired a personal trainer, what is certain is that the singer of Los Angeles we have often seen with the press.

In fact, one of their suits common is one that Zara has been reissued this year: the bikini with cleavage peak. A piece that falls in love with the whole world.

Swimsuit with v-neckline peak

swimsuit zara

Becky has always liked to keep it simple in regards to swimwear and it is for this reason that the design of this swimsuit from Zara is what we have been able to see on several occasions the singer of Bad Santa.

In addition, the neckline of peak generates an image quite a bit more stylized from the figure of the artist and can be available to anyone for less than 20 euros.

Swimsuit creased effect to Zara

swimsuit creased effect zara

Another swimsuit of a style and Becky G, this is Zara with crinkled effect that slims a lot of figure, in addition its color is ideal for light skins as the author of Older.

For 22.95 euros you can have him in the has Zara, a very economical option that’s sure to see as much as soon as they return to the beaches available.