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Gone are the days of the dark: Ben Affleck regained his smile Credit: The Grosby Group

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Ben Affleck comes of difficult years. Since that transcended the news of his separation from the mother of his three children, Jennifer Garner , everything seemed to crumble in the life of the actor. However, the smile returned to his face thanks to his new romance with Ana de Armas.

It was the year 2015 and a news broke into Hollywood: one of the couples more solid came to its end. Affleck and Garner were no longer together, even as they continued to spending time for their children. The first thing that is said is that the actor had cheated on his wife with the nanny. It would not be the first nor the last. While she preferred not to talk about the rumors, the relationship with your ex continued to be good. People close to the couple said that in fact, the reason of the separation was the machismo of Ben, added to his problems with the drink.

Three years later he ended up becoming effective for the divorce and he even began a new stage next to producer Lindsay Shookus, but that relationship never came to fruition. The lack of affection had to add any other seasoning: Ben she entered a rehabilitation center to treat his addictions, something that had already been affected in the past . It was Jennifer who accompanied you to your ex throughout this difficult process.

Gone are the days of the dark: Ben Affleck regained his smile
Gone are the days of the dark: Ben Affleck regained his smile Credit: The Grosby Group

Ben came in and out of rehab , lost weight, is distanced from the action and had some jobs wandering. However, very soon they would meet with someone that will restore vitality and make him to recover the smile. As said in the phrase, there is no evil that lasts a thousand years, and Ana de Armas came to change everything.

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Affleck, Anne of Weapons and the kiss seen in the latest clip from Resident, “Before the end of the world”

Far live the quarantine locked up and dark, the actor is fully living it in love. Along with its new conquest is exhibited in a national park, celebrated the birthday of the actress, and also they appeared together in the video of a Resident, “Before the end of the world”, kissing. And now he is walking calmly, smiling and with look of entrecasa through the streets of Los Angeles, leading, apparently, the breakfast for his girlfriend. They spent 5 years and only now his heart seems to be healing.


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