The fans do not believe that Christopher Nolan influenced this film divisive


The trilogy of The dark knight by Christopher Nolan changed everything for the movies of superheroes. In fact, their serious approach and informed informed a lot of what Hollywood has done since then. Although some fans may not realize it, Nolan had a direct impact on the DC Extended Universe. In fact, his inspiration even hit the most unlikely of projects DCEU, Suicide Squad.

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Christopher Nolan helped to start the DC Extended Universe

Batman and Robin killed the franchise for almost a decade until begins Batman of Nolan. Then, of course, when senior Warner Bros. they decided to build the DCEU, brought her to the man who revived Batman. Have you ever noticed how Man of Steel, the first release of DCEU, bears the signature of Nolan?

In many ways, the origin story of Superman director Zack Snyder takes a structure and a tone similar to that of Batman Begins. The study could have been titled with the same ease as the film Superman Begins. After Superman Returns to fall in 2006, the study was not willing to make another Superman movie to fail.

Then, Nolan was hired to serve as executive producer on Man of Steel. It was working with Snyder on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. But the official participation of Nolan with the DCEU ended there. However, his influence remains, even in Suicide Squad.

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The director of “Suicide Squad”, David Ayer, said that Nolan was an inspiration

Director David Ayer has been very open about his disappointment in the theatrical version of Suicide Squad. In fact, usually answers questions from the fans about his original vision. Recently, someone on Twitter asked Yesterday to explain the differences between the pictures of Joker (Jared Leto), and the great scene of Harley (Margot Robbie). And Yesterday I was happy to please him.

According to its publication, the version of Yesterday was considered “too dark”. Citing the inspiration of Nolan, said that the act one of Suicide Squad should follow a traditional structure. And Yesterday he praised the performances of Leto and Robbie as “terrifying” and “complex”, respectively.

The director teased earlier that the film originally had a much more Joker Leto in it. The fans can decide for themselves if that is a good thing. But the mention of Yesterday, Nolan is intriguing. It does not specify how it inspired the filmmaker The Dark Knight. However, it seems that a focus on the drama seriously based on characters would have been in play at least in the scenes of Joker.

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Fans are hoping that Warner Bros. #ReleaseTheAyerCut

That tone is far from what you saw the movie buffs in 2016. The court theatre of Suicide Squad was full of pop music and editions striking (that is to say, all contrary to the style of Nolan). However, this is not too surprising, given the drama reported that surrounds the production of the film. But the fans have a new reason to hope that they can finally see the original edition of Yesterday.

After the news, HBO Max will launch the Justice League Zack Snyder in 2021, the campaign #ReleaseTheAyerCut accelerated. According to Yesterday, the edition does exist, and does not seem to require a lot of investment. According to reports, Warner Bros. will spend up to $ 30 million to complete the Justice League. What will be the suicide squad of David Ayer’s next? Only time will tell.