The five bikinis more sensual Karol G

Karol G is one of the artists urban of the moment who apart from talented, is extremely beautiful.

This know your partner Anuel AA who should be delighted with the photographs that you share on your social networks.

Here we will share some of the bikinis Karol G more sexy.

At the edge of the sea

Karol is a fan of the beach and the heat, in your account of Instagram, we can find more of a picture where can be seen enjoying paradisiacal places.

Sensual in black

With this black bikini the singer was surprised to show your beautiful figure. For the snapshot received more than 2 million likes.

A while ago

This photograph of 2017 demonstrates that the bikinis Karol G has always looked spectacular. With a beautiful bikini colors is left to see in the sun.

In tiny thong

With a tiny set was relaxed in a swimming pool. What is certain is that his beautiful figure flashed very well under the rays of the sun.

Sexy dance

With a very sensual dance Karol was very fun in one of their favorite places: the beach. This little clip is received 1.7 million “likes.” In the thousands of comments saying how good it is.

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