The halo of light emitting films is desconfina: the beach chairs and achuchones return to the drive-in


VALENCIA. Yesterday was the first day that, for those people who have enough thirst film on the big screen, could be sated. A score of families and couples did so in the Drive-in Star. Not a great room with surround sound system, or in the context of a prestigious festival with avant-garde films. In the most popular cinema, the beach chairs, the aluminum foil wrapped around the sandwich and the achuchones. Luis Notary, the manager, watched from the picnic area to the side of the bar as they entered the first three cars to the 20:30 last night, an hour before the start of the first film. Bears, like many other businessmen and entrepreneurs, more than two months without entering a single euro. Playing in the background, by the pa discrete poles, Bring a Little Lovin’ of The Braves.

Although the Drive-in Star usually emits premieres, until the distributor is not reactivated, you will need to replenish some of the latest blockbusters. Notary has chosen to strategically two very different: Sonic, the movie and The Gentlemen. Lords of the mafia. It is strategic because the audience of a drive-in cinema is not the same as that of a cinema hall: virtually all the cars they bring families or couples. Sonic for the first, Guy Ritchie for the latter. Carles Miralles, of the Drive-in cinema Drive-In, featured in another article of this journal that the formula for the success of this business was precisely that its target it was the one that moved the entertainment industry: the couples that need privacy and families who need more space than an armchair.

– What is the audience of your drive?
– Are… normal people.


“I don’t believe in the re-runs. I don’t want to replace or Cinema Paradiso or The Ghostbusters. Because if you really like that movie, you’ve seen it enough times. While there are no new releases, will have to work hard to choose the right billboard. The work is very laborious,” she explains, while you are waiting as rain in may to Mulanto 007 or Christopher Nolan. These will be the keys to your summer. The blockbusters that will help you replenish some of what is lost these months.

Luis gets up and goes to the tower in which is located the projector. In the cabin save a projector of 35mm analog “souvenir”. In the coils is still the last film released in that format, The Touristwith Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, in 2010. Notary conceals very well out of habit, but it makes it impossible to be fascinated to be inside a projection booth. It’s a feeling similar to the area where the pilots of a plane, a machine room, in which you feel privileged for the simple fact of being. Luis reviews the system and asks for walkie-talkie a couple of things from today’s program.

The bar has closed the dining room, though Patricia and Arnau continue treating with a table of separation with their clients through. The letter has been reduced, but have wanted to keep the classics: the rancher, the brascada and the mariachi. “Never fail”, says Arnau. And this writer can say in first person, in effect and at least the rancher, not failure. “We feel privileged to be the first”, says goodbye to Arnau, “Let Us a lot of good publicity in the article it”, adds Patricia.

While, in the sand the cars are still coming in slowly and placed: families with sons and daughters are struggling to be in first row and able to see Sonic up close. In the second and the third row, already beginning to be couples. The more discreet dealing with the end of the compound, well-separated from the world. The testimonies from the public are extremely similar. To Fernando, of Valencia, and his son of 5 years they had a small house and the ride, “I really like the drive-in, and when I can, I come”. Anuk and Noahtwo of the children that have come thanks to his mother, are already waiting in the seats of the pilot and co-pilot. They made their debut at the drive-in and say have a great desire but did not become an idea of how it would be. In any case, have been cautious and wear two bracelets of mosquito repellent, for if the flies. Diego and his partner looked at as the billboard last week because they wanted to “come before the end of the Alarm State”. You will see the first and if “not too bad”, it will be the second. Fatima and José Luis were the first car to enter the drive-in cinema of the era post-covid, this is the first time of Fatima (“it seems much more convenient than movie theaters-regular”), while José Luis is a frequent (“I had a monkey drive”). Come prepared to endure all night. These are some of the people who, the first day I have been able to have left from one side to the platforms to see the film on the big screen.


Keeps playing music in the posts. Bill Justis, the Jersey Boys and Paul Revere & The Raiders. That is to say, exactly what you’d expect in a drive-in.

The beginning of the movie almost is never punctual because it depends on the light. Until they don’t darken, you can not begin to project. Today only delayed a few minutes. There are about twenty cars at the beginning of the first film. The halo light is turned on. Has become. It has been more than 80 days without him. When they start the credits, the people are now fully well-to-do families out of the car in their folding chairs, couples collected inside of your car. All at home but outside of it. Something has the big screen, since its first screenings, make you feel something different.

– Are you going to change a lot the experience with the new security protocol?
– It’s a movie… people will be in their cars and you will see exactly the same thing, so no. Simply, if you go by there, will have to wear a mask. But it is a film – responds Luis Notary, that at the start of the film is placed in the free window of the projection room.


Depends on how you go in the summer, has not ruled out closing it; and he confesses to feel as much concern as hope. Concern because, this year more than ever, has to think about the best listings possible this summer. Hope because the halo of light that emits films has desconfinado, and like the pied piper of Hamelin, the audience (almost) never fails.