The life of shadows and pain of Lady Gaga | People and Celebrity


Oprah Winfrey, 65 years of age, you are doing with your program 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus, one of the traditional national tour that travels the U.S. talking with major celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Tina Fey or Michelle Obama. His first guest has been a Lady Gaga. The artist. 33-year-old. got to the stage where it is sincere to a room with 15,000 people where told his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being raped, which brought tears to the queen the programme of interviews. Gaga also tearfully spoke of the fibromyalgia and revealed that, even during the one-hour conversation, he had “pain from feet to head”. And he added: “The interesting thing about this is that I discovered, through research neuropsíquica and my relationship with my doctors is that fibromyalgia can be treated with therapy and mental health”, he shared. ‘And the mental health is a medical condition that should be treated as a medical condition. Should not be ignored.”

The actress A star is born she talked about when she was raped repeatedly being a teenager. “I was raped repeatedly when I was 19 years old, and I also developed PTSD as a result of being raped and not to process that trauma,” he shared.And he added: “But suddenly I became a star and traveling the world, going from hotel room to the garage, the limo to the stage, and I never faced it, and suddenly I began to experience this incredible intense pain all over my body that mimicked the disease that I felt after being raped.”

Gaga has also addressed this issue in his documentary Gaga: Five Foot Twoin which he speaks about the problems he has faced throughout these years because of the fame and the solitude combined with the fibromyalgia that suffers and that forced him to interrupt his tour for a few months at the beginning of 2018.

The performer of hits like Bad Romance or Poker Face it has become a true spokesperson for these causes. After admitting, in 2014, that had suffered this sexual assault, has also been a great support to the victims of abuse and harassment. The singer wrote the song Til it happens to you for the documentary The hunting groundthat is about the frequent violations of women on college campuses in the U.S.. A topic that was nominated for an Oscar in 2016 and that she was on the stage, which was accompanied by several victims of sexual abuse.

In regards to your alleged romance with Bradley Cooper, and the romantic interpretation together by the theme of Shallow, at the gala of the Oscars, 2019, Lady Gaga commented: “we Did a very good job fooling everyone. We believe that”.