The reaction of Lady Gaga then that his new theme would be filtered


Lady Gaga continues to set an indelible mark in the memory of the millions of people in the world, due to its extensive experience in the music and your artistic talent that plasma in the projects that it produces.

Although it has experienced various stages in its career, the singer has stood by the type of sounds that manages, by her powerful voice and outgoing personality he has shown throughout his life.

Recently, however, the interpreter of ‘Shallow’ it became news after that outside filtering your new theme ‘Stupid Love’which makes it part of your next project ‘LG6’. This first single was saved to the exact moment of launch, but the situations went out of control when the internet users disseminated without permission.

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Before this problem, Gaga decided to react in their social networks, and send a brief message to those who leaked his work to hidden. Through its official Twitter account, the star shared a funny image of a person with a ski mask, earphones and a player, while you cover your mouth with your finger.

Next to this post, the artist wrote: “How Can y’all stop?”that is to say: “Can you stop?”, referring to those who shared their theme.

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All of this came after the celebrity posted on his account Instagram a photo of a pumpkin that I had written: “Fuck you” and was located next to an iPod. This detail caught the attention of the spectators, who realized that the player could see the name of the song and which would be part of his upcoming album.

It is important to remember that Lady Gaga from 2016 (Joanne) does not release a album, so this advance filtering got quite to their faithful fans. For now we will have to wait if the singer decides to move on with this issue or if by the contrary, he will change for another simple.