The reason why the activists called not to share photos black with the hashtag Black Lives Matter | Society


Millions of people around the world began to share images of black along with the hashtag Black Lives Matter this Tuesday, in the midst of the protests in the united States for the death of the citizen, african-american George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

Not only anonymous citizens joined this campaign viral on social networks, but also hundreds of celebrities, companies, studios and organisations joined this true blackout, promising not to publish anything more than a black picture.

Emma Watson, Chris Hemsworth, Emilia Clarke, Dakota Fannind, Olivia Wilde, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Jason Mamoa are some of the stars that have been expressed in this way, in addition to some faces chilean.

However, despite the good intentions behind the initiative, various groups have called for users to stop using this hashtag in this type of publication.

One of them is the activist Kenidra Woods, who is part of the grouping Black Lives Matter”, which was founded in 2013 after the murder of a young african-american 17-year-old named Trayvon Martin.

“I was struck that many allies used the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter with a black image to his Instagram”, and began pointing.

“We know that they have no intention of doing harm, but in reality, it harms the message. We use the hashtag to keep people up-to-date. PLEASE, stop using the hashtag for the images black!”added.

Effectively, just do a simple search on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag to check that only images appear black, taking away the visibility of the informative publications about the movement have been doing for almost a week.

For his part, the activist Feminista Jones also referred to the subject. “The protests have been deleted from Instagram“he wrote on his Twitter account, attaching a video with a search of the social network.

The actress Jenny Slatein the meantime, she also shared a photo with a message against the initiative. “I see your black square and I feel your effort. But there is more in this. Please continue educating, asking for justice for the lives of black people and by publishing your findings,” reads the post.

“In addition, do not use the hashtag BLM (Black Lives Matter) to your black square. You’re clogging up the feed that people are using to get the necessary information”, he said.