The surprising aspect of Emilia Clarke after the penultimate episode of ‘Game of Thrones’


The fifth episode of the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is not left indifferent to any of his spectators. The series, which is saying goodbye to the early morning of next Monday offered in your penultimate chapter with a plot full of action, deaths and a lot of, a lot of destruction during the over an hour long that took.

Although the lcd was only present Emilia Clarke, her character, Daenerys Targaryenhad the utmost importance for an episode in which ended up taking a decision that is echoed across the weft end of the series and if you have surprised for good or for evil to the followers of the series, it’s also been done in the own Clarke.

The british actress of 32 years has shared on Instagram a particular image and that has called the attention of his followers on the social network by the individual of his appearance. La performer appears with a prosthesis in the head that makes it look completely bald. The london appears gesturing as if to give a shout out to the time holding a bottle of champagne.

“This is what I needed, not only to shoot the fifth episode…you also to see it!”wrote the actress in the post that accompanies the image and which has achieved more than three million likes since its publication.

Justification of their behavior (spoilers)

There is No doubt that the actions of Daenerys as one of the great protagonists of the HBO series has left many wondering what went through your mind to destroy the whole Landing of the King. When the bells of the city repicaban announcing their surrender and calling for clemency, the character chose not to have mercy and destroy the place under the fire of Drogo.

“I don’t think that he decided beforehand that he was going to do what he did”he explained DB Weiss, one of the creators of the HBO series, ensuring that the character, to see the Landing of the King and looks at “the symbol of everything that was taken from him”, decides to take it as something personal and destroy everything in your path.

To David Benioff, everything has arisen due to the circumstances in which has been involved after the betrayal of Cersei, the execution of Missandei and the reaction of Jon Snow in this episode. “If any of these things would have happened otherwise, I don’t think we would have seen this side of Daenerys”he explained.