These are the celebrities who protested by George Floyd


Many celebrities are not sitting in silence. In the past few days, a large number of personalities took part in nationwide protests to show solidarity with the afro-descendent community.

The protests across the united States were not only in response to the death of George Floyd , but also to the death of Breonna Taylor, the death of Tony McDade , the death of Ahmaud Arbery and many others in the last few months.

Among the celebrities who protested earlier in the week and during the weekend are Ariana Grande, Jamie Foxx , Halsey, Michael B. Jordan , Timothée Chalamet , Kendrick Sampson , Kehlani, and many others.

On Friday, Foxx also attended the press conference of Minneapolis and spoke to the crowd about the death of Floyd, which occurred after an officer of the Minneapolis police immobilized him and knelt on his neck while three other officers were doing nothing.

In the video, captured by a young man of 17 years, Floyd told the officers that he could not breathe, and moments after, he died.

“I think that what you saw on the television, to see this man beg for his life,” said Foxx on Friday. “When I am with my two daughters, my nieces and nephews… what that does is complicate everything when a black man tries to tell his son or daughter how to function in life. Even the things that we have taught them. Does not seem to work”.

The actor Orange Is the New Black, Matt McGorry, shared pictures of the protests of The Angels on Instagram. “For white people. It is time to be, to feel uncomfortable, to put our bodies and our resources at risk,” he wrote.

However, not all of the celebrities experienced the same thing. Large noted that “hours and miles of peaceful protests yesterday had little or no coverage”.

The stars mentioned above were not only those who attended the national protest in the past few days.

Were also joined, either through social networks or face to face, the following:


“In vivo. Without justice, without peace. Los angeles may 30, 2020. Respect existence or expect resistance,” wrote the singer in instagram. “#blacklivesmatter outside within today yesterday, tomorrow and forever. Power to the people”.

Kendrick Sampson

The star of Insecure attended protests in Los Angeles and shared that he had been shot with rubber bullets. “Glad you witnessed this. In the video of them in reality we are targeting,” the actor said, after the incident was captured on his IG in vivo and the cameras of CNN. “I tried not to bounce the bullets from the ground, a tactic, aimed the gun DIRECTLY TO ME,” added Kendrick . “Actually, I got 7 strikes with rubber bullets and many with batons. My son has stitches”.

Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez, and Doug Middlebrook

Accompanied by her boyfriend Dalton Gomez and his friend Doug Middlebrook , the pop star shared pictures of the protest that was attended during the weekend. “In all of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood we sing, the people issued whistles and cheered. We could be passionate about, it was noisy, we loved it. Cover this also, please.”

Emily Ratajkowski

The model, businesswoman and an american actress born in England has also decided to raise its voice before the death of Flyod not only through their social networks, but manifesting in the streets next to the community of people of african descent.

“Dismantle power structures of oppression,” wrote Emily Ratajkowski.


The singer came out to downtown Los Angeles with a poster of Black Lives Matter. “It appears,” he wrote on Instagram.

Tessa Thompson

The star of Westworld attended the protest in Los Angeles this weekend. “I can say that the #LosAngelesProtest was completely peaceful until the @LAPDHQ and intensified,” he said. “@MayorOfLA, are you seeing this? In addition, where was the media coverage robust then? #BlackLivesMatter”.

Matt Mcgorry

“The Police Department of Los Angeles I shot with a projectile when no one else did anything more than stand there. We did much worse to the POC and especially Black Folx there,” shared the actor of Orange Is the New Black .

Rachel Lindsay

“Today we are protesting. Today we went beyond our platform,” shared the student of Bachelorette . “Today we put action behind our words. Today, we use our voices to make a difference. Today is just a day in the fight. We must go forward and demand a change.”

Michael B. Jordan

The actor was seen protesting this weekend.

Paris Jackson

“Today started very well, seeing people join with peace and harmony in their hearts. It broke my heart to see that everything was burned to the ground. Violence is not the answer. How do we expect to bring our world to a way of life more happy, more high, and more healthy if we bow down so low as those who are committed? the crimes we are protesting, we see that peaceful protest only!!”, wrote.

John Cusack

The actor attended the protest in Chicago on Saturday, and shared pictures of their experience. “The cops did not like that shot of the car in flames, so they attacked me with batons,” he wrote on Twitter along with a video. “Hit my bike. Ahhm here is the audio”.