Video devastating. And is Kim Kardashian (and her sisters): Attention to the savagery!


January 13, 2020
(15:30 CET)

If there is a family that has become one of the main protagonists of the landscape of the celebrities in the last few years, that is no other than the family Kardashian. It all began with the first appearances of Kim Kardashian in the reality of his friend Paris Hilton many years ago now.

The producers saw in Kim a future star and, thanks also to the efforts of the matriarch of the family, Kris Jennerwho knew how to ‘place’ very well to your daughter, today star became the protagonist of a reality tv show that followed their adventures and the rest of her sisters.

In this way, in just a few years, Kim, Kourtney, Khlóe, Kendall and Kylie (the last two were pre-teens as he started the reality) became common in the media and in one of the major celebrities of the moment.

The video of the Kardashian

But it was with the arrival of the social networks and Instagram when the ‘klan’ began to emerge. Each and every one of them have their accounts where, with millions of followers each, advertise their brands and products. A family of multi-million dollar that they have amassed a fortune thanks to his physical.

Yes, has nothing to do with your current picture with which I had some years ago, when none of them had decided to go under the knife. That, and the fact of not having precisely no quality that distinguishes it from the rest of mortals, have caused many haters go to them in the networks.

Haters that now are circulating a video in which you can see the big differences between Kardashian before to be famous and current. A video in which is evident the many operations that have been made each and every one of them and that has generated comments such as “This family is pathetic”, “Many operations to as many of few neurons”, “What a beast the change” or “That idolize him, these women are so artificial is something that even I do not understand”