WATCH: When Novak Djokovic played a match cheerful with Serena Williams


Tennis is a sport fiercely competitive. The way in which is structured around the journey also guarantee that the competition stays at its best. That also means that there is time to laugh on the pitch. However, time and again, there are exhibition events that allow players to have a little fun. One of these events was organized by Novak Djokovic in Milan in 2016.

This event was to donate to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. In particular, the organization works to support the education of young children. As was Novak who sponsored the event, great tennis stars flocked to participate in its organization.

This included Fabio Fognini, Serena Williams, Flavia Pennetta and his arch rival Rafael Nadal. However, the party more cheerful was the mixed doubles. In this match, Novak joined Flavia Pennetta to face Fabio Fognini and Serena Williams.

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Novak Djokovic plays a match fun with their friends

It was pretty obvious that none of the stars spoke in a serious match. No shot too strong and released a burst of laughter frequent.

The only player that seemed a little serious it was Flavia Pennetta. However, this incredible event did not end at this point. The next day, Novak will face face-to-face with Rafael Nadal.

He won the contest fun-filled 6-4, 6-4. It was a successful event in general.

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“I had the luck of having a family of caring and loving which I believed in my dream of playing tennis between the best players in the world.” As a parent, the mission of the Foundation means more to me than ever. I want to make sure that every child has the best start in life through early childhood education so that they can achieve their dreams, just as I did, ” said Djokovic.

The initiative is managed by Novak Djokovic with his wife Jelena. The two have already made a big change in education in serbia. We hope to contribute a lot more in the coming years.