What is known until now of the leaks of Anonymous in the united States


Anonymous, a group of activist hackers reappeared after several years absence and returned after becoming a viral a video where several police officers of the county of Minneapolis, Minnesota, united States, led by Derek Chauvin assassinated the citizen african-american George Floyd, provoking the fury of the americans rebounded well the civil rights in the country.

The hacker group declared in a video uploaded to YouTube, after it was taken down by the platform within a few minutes, a message which points out the atrocities by the police, american threatening to the authorities to prosecute the police officers involved, not to be so, to reveal secrets of president Donald Trump and the link with Jeffrey Epstein and other public figures.

After becoming a trending topic worldwide on social networks; Anonymous the little time, he managed to jump the computer security of the radio channel police in Chicago and Minneapolis; in all terminals, rang the song Fuck The Police performed by WNA and I. C. E Cube. The letter speaks of racism on the part of the police toward the african-american community.

On the night of may 31, 2020 meant another milestone for the group of cyber-activists, as exposed the network of paedophilia, child pornography and trafficking of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The Twitter account of Anonymous stated through the document called “The Black Book” that president Donald Trump and some of the family members, Mick Jagger, Will Smith, Naomi Campbell, the former prime minister of the Uk Tony Blair, Andrew Cuomo, current governor of New York and prince Andrew, among other public figures, have links and a close friendship with the financier that he took his own life in jail after being accused.

Throughout the night, the information stopped flowing. Twitter users began sharing information published by the hacker activists where exposed alleged theories conspiracionalesarguing that the deaths of figures such as Lady Di, Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and Avicii is tried of murder and not suicide, accidental deaths or health problems.

Mexico has not escaped the leaks of information from the creation of Anonymous in 2003. The group of hackers in pro-social justice, performs acts in this way in the country. In 2011 he released a statement to all mexicans to join in the movement with the goal of ending the corruption of Mexico. That same year, it launched direct accusations against the narco-trafficking group, Los Zetas, after having kidnapped a member of the organization Anonymous in Veracruz, Mexico. The hackers threatened to disclose confidential information of the people who lead the criminal group, which include entrepreneurs, politicians, even military.

Until the moment, Anonymous can be maintained to the expectation of what might happen in the future with the country american. The leakage of confidential information arises in times of health crisis and a likely economic recession. In addition, the public image of the president Donald Trump and the way in which to treat the case of George Floyd, will be crucial in the face of the mid-term elections in the united States on November 3, 2020.