What returned? Drake and Rihanna caught together


The past weekend the interpreter ‘Diamonds’, Rihanna, was the owner of several media of communication that confirmed his break with the billionaire Hassan Jameel, after three years of relationship. Despite the fact that the reasons for the separation were not disclosed, witnesses close to the now ex-couple were in charge of informing about the end of the relationship to the portal Us Weekly.

Once the media confirmed the break-up, the singer of 31 years was captured in a concert with nothing more and nothing less than the Drake, one of their ex-partner, with whom the singer has a long history of loving. The musicians were present on the Day of nuts, seeds at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, to support A$AP Rocky, common friend of both personalities.

Although there are those who claim that it was only a coincidence that you were both in the same place, there are also those who believe that it can be a possible reconciliation between them, therefore, it is worth mentioning that these had not been on very good termseven when he knew of his break, Drake stopped to follow the interpreter ‘Umbrella’ in all of your social networks, while the singer revealed to the magazine Vogue in 2018 the following: “we do not have a friendship now, but nor are we enemies. It is what it is”.

The complicated relationship between Rihanna and Drake

The performers met more than 10 years ago, in 2009, and after several rumors of a relationship, it was not until 2010 that the rapper stated that ‘they were leaving’after this, they both made various musical collaborations.

However, everything seems to indicate that it was nothing serious, at least for Rihanna, because, according to the same Drake, it felt quite ‘hurt’ when he noticed the lack of interest on the part of the interpreter; even, the rapper was involved in a fight in a bar in NY with Chris Brown (also ex-partner of the singer) trying to protect youalthough Rihanna never wanted to give a statement about it.

Likewise, in 2013, through an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the rapper confessed that he had “his thing” with Rihanna, however, the singer revealed in 2016 to ‘Variety’ that his last relationship had been Chris Brown. It was in this same year when Rihanna finally decided to make public her romance with Drake, although by 2017 was already in his last relationship (Hassan Jameel)and it was in 2018 when revealed that she and Drake were no longer friends. How will this reunion another opportunity for the rapper?