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The World of Lapsus of the Foundation for Urgent Spanish (Fundéu), has just declared a new champion: “The skylight provides light genital”, a phrase from some newspaper, whose editor he wanted to write “zenithal light”, ‘that is received from the roof’. That slip, bear or pearl, shares podium with “I swam in the ambulance,” by “Swimming in abundance”and “Is sordid as a post”, which confuses deaf, ‘that you do not hear’, with sleazy, ” dirty and miserable’. Other few notable lapses are: “It is the task of all the condoms of the wedding,” and “colic berserk is very painful” (for “nephritic”, ‘kidney’).


Quote: “The upcycling responds to the culture of hyper-consumption and over-production.”

Comment: let’s Start with upcycling. Fundéu recommended to replace the English voice upcycling by the Spanish superreciclaje. This name corresponds to the trend to the rescue of fabrics, tires, bottles, discarded to produce clothing, furniture, or lamps with designs that optimize what initially catalogued as useless. By the way, the Fundéu suggests to translate down cycling by infrarreciclaje, as the traditional conversion of telephone directories in boxes of eggs.

And let’s continue with the other two compositional elements of the appointment. The prefixes hyper – and over – must be written attached to production and consumption: overconsumption and overproduction, in the same way that stick super – and infra – recycling, adding that it gives as a result the forms superreciclaje and infrarreciclaje. There are that write that r double, so that the r initial bin to retain its sound, as happens in other words compounds, vice-rector, ciclorruta, earthquake-resistant.

The prefixes are written separate when it is prefixed to the compound name of two or more words, such as “former high commissioner” (which is not the same as “exult”), “super good person” (other than “superbuena”), “ex-miss Colombia” (other than “exseñorita”).


Dr. Carolina Velez question: does The medical ameliorate or palían suffering?

Answer: The verb palliate, ‘mitigate the violence of certain diseases’, has two valid forms of conjugation: I pallium, thou palls, he palia, doctors palian and I palío, you palías, he palía, doctors palían. The form without the tilde leads to the accent on the first a, /pálian/.

The doctor Jairo Racedo question if you write “wounds in the forearm and wrist rights” or “rights”.

Answer: For cases in which the enumeration includes at least one male element, the adjective common should go in the masculine, but, for euphony, try to leave the male at the end, “wounds of wrist and forearm” rights. It is also valid to write “wounds of right forearm and right wrist”, risking that someone would say that there is redundancy, because it does not know that redundancy is ‘unnecessary repetition’, and here it is necessary for clarity and for comfort.

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