Why no one arrested Robert Downey Jr. eating on the set of ‘Avengers’


One would think that the actors who star in action films of great success, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they would have to monitor his diet and be very careful with what they eat. Superstars that perform the action heroes of Marvel films such as The Avengers must be in the best shape at all times during the filming to be able to keep up with the physical demand. But a superstar of Marvel has some quirks that are funny when it comes to food, and their co-stars find it fun.

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The role of Robert Downey Jr. in Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Actor Robert Downey Jr. plays the character Tony Stark (whose identity superhero is Iron Man in many Marvel movies, including The Avengers and Iron Man. She began to perform this role in 2008 with the first film, Iron Man, and has made Iron Man come to life in a total of 10 Marvel movies, with a cameo appearance in an eleventh. The life of Tony Stark came to his end in Avengers: End Game, but Downey Jr. he has expressed that he would be willing to return to the franchise if Gwyneth Paltrow to repeat the role of Pepper Potts.

Downey Jr. it has been one of the driving forces of the success of Marvel in the last few years, and his salary shows it. It is estimated that he has won more than $ 200 million for their roles in the franchise of Marvel alone and he was with the whopping $ 75 million for its final playing Tony Stark in the End Game. Taking into account that only earned half a million dollars for the first movie of Iron Man, it seems clear that this payment is evidence of how much Marvel values.

The physical demands of filming Marvel movies

Even with doubles, the filming of a movie of Marvel is a physically intensive job for the actors.

We can see Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the franchise, as an example. In Avengers: Endgame, Thor is fat and depressed. Fortunately, Hemsworth had to gain weight for the role, but had to wear a suit fat. The suit was so heavy that it began to bring back problems to Hemsworth. In addition to that, sometimes shooting two films at once: Hemsworth was still filming Infinity War in the time they started the filming of Endgame, and his character is very physical.

Not to mention that, in general, the directors revealed that the cast needed to film up to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire year to complete a film. The shoot was so physically demanding that the directors began to be concerned about the physical health of Hemsworth.

Bearing in mind how strong is the physical demands of filming these movies, you would think that every cast member would be very cautious with their eating habits, but it seems that is not the case for Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. hides food on set of the film

The co-stars Downey Jr. have revealed a peculiarity hilarious that you have when you are filming: apparently, brings his own food to set, and the hides to be able to eat it during the scenes. Recently, in a live interview with the Huffington Post, the co-star Downey Jr. for his next film The Judge, Vincent D’onofrio, revealed that the actor Marvel continues this peculiarity even when you’re not playing Tony Stark.

“Downey hides food throughout the set,” said D’onofrio. He added: “I’m Not going to tell you why. But it does. Makes a lot of sense “. This behavior of Downey is not new; The stars of The Avengers also noted that he was bringing food to prepare. Fans can see him eating the food during the scenes. However, the directors left it to continue with this behavior because it provided comic relief for his team and team hard work. It makes sense, after you know how hectic it can be filming!