Wife of Justin Bieber sue surgeon for revealing surgeries


The model and now known to be the young wife of Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwinnow it was news not for the comparisons with loves old singer, if not for their beauty secrets, which have been revealed by a plastic surgeon.

Photo: Instagram @haileybieber

This is doctor Daniel Barrett, a well-known Beverly Hills surgeon who, with intent to show and reveal the secrets of the celebrities with their knowledge of surgery, he shared images of the supposed old face Hailey Baldwin leaving exposed an apparent rhinoplasty, filler for lips and cheeks, in addition to a settlement in the chin.

Photo: Instagram @drdanielbarrett

For their part, Hailey responded clearly: “If I compare it to the 13 and then to the 23 sure there will be some differences. At least compare a picture that is not as touched up”.

Now, the lawyers of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are willing to sue the Dr. Daniel Barrett for using his name and image, and disseminate false claims and unsubstantiated about that Hailey has undergone plastic surgery, according to E! News.

In addition, to these accusations is compounded by the unlicensed use of the song “Sorry” property of Justin Bieber in one of his videos.

Without hesitation, the doctor expressed his disagreement with this threat legal that considers it to be unfounded. Besides you do not desist from your comments and that you are willing to reach the ultimate legal consequences, then, according to your opinion, your prime intention in the video was to show more clearly the results of the plastic surgery and not only to reveal the secrets of the model or menospreciarla in any way.

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Remember that the doctor has not “exposed” only to Hailey, a few other celebs such as Khloé Kardashian they have also starred in one of his videos.


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Although today’s plastic surgery procedures are more popular than ever and few are the people that hide it, it seems that the marriage Bieber considered it of the utmost importance to preserve its good name and integrity.

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