you could go to jail


But now the issue has escalated due to the financial irregularities that allegedly has the lowest clan Kardashian, you could face serious problems with the justice, and might even end up in jail.

According to the newspaper Daily Mail, the fact that Kylie and your mom may have lied in his numbers business is reason enough for the young entrepreneur faces a criminal investigation.

“I suppose that, as a minimum, the SEC (Commission of Stock exchange) will begin what they call an informal inquiry, and then perhaps rise to a formal investigation, which gives them subpoena power,” he said to Daily Mail Jan Handzlik, a well known lawyer of several celebrities Hollywood.

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“Those things can lead to the Prosecution of the united States and the Southern District of New York, in particular, to jump on the case. If the Justice Department decides to convert this into a criminal case and if there is a conviction, this could include jail time for anyone responsible”.