YouTube VIDEO Scene del Principe del Rap Will Smith and Carlton Banks was trend Twitter after death George Floyd racism united States


The death of George Floyd, an african-american apparently suffocated by a former in Minneapolis, The united states, continues to cause outrage worldwide. In the social networks as Facebook and Twitter, this theme is one of the most talked about.

Before this, a scene symbolic of the prince of The rap he returned to light after the protests in the u.s. territory that demanded justice for George Floyd. This sequence emerged by way of explanation of the case.

The images in question belong to the chapter Mistaken Identity (Mistaken identity), the sixth of the first season where Will (Will Smith) and his cousin Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) are arrested without any explanation by the police officers after driving a luxurious vehicle in the exclusive neighborhood of Palm Springs.

If the problem is resolved when the uncle Philthe father of Carlton, arrives to rescue them after berating the officer for detention illegally, Will Smith and Carlton staring a conversation that is honest and reflective about the racism police back home.

“What stopped us to go slow? I know a better law: ‘If you see a black man driving a car that is not junk best detĂ©nlo, for sure they stole it. I thought that’s why we had been arrested, Carlton,” said Smith.

In response to this, Carlton he noted that the troops “were only doing their job and only stopped for a few hours”. Seconds after, Will Smith did not remain silent and surprised the viewers with their response.

“Just don’t understand: no map is going to save, or your companies, or the stylish clothes you wear, nor your father, the influential. When you take a car fine in a neighborhood that is strange, none of that matters. They only see one thing: your skin color,” he said.