Amber Riley sings ‘Freedom’ of Beyonce during a protest about racism (+VIDEO)


The star of ‘Glee’, Amber Riley, was filmed singing “Freedom” (Freedom) of Beyonce in a protest after the death of George Floyd.

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The actress of 34 years, gave a version of the song Beyonce in one of the protests in Los Angeles, after the murder of Floydinciting the public against racism and police brutality.

In a video published on the network, a demonstrator was presented, saying: “In the spirit of Harry Belafonte, and all those who use their platforms for justice and liberation, my friend Amber Riley, whom I love very much, we are going to sing in this way”.

After taking the microphone, Amber he said to the crowd: “I need everyone to clap and give me a heartbeat, like a heartbeat, before giving a beautiful rendition of the Beyonce song”.

To share the video, Amber published some of the letters of “Freedom”by typing: “I break the chains for me. I will not allow my freedom to rot in hell. I’m going to keep running it because a winner does not give up alone.”

Riley he has also been talking about the death of Floyd in social networks, and recently seemed to criticize his co-star of ‘Glee’, Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), who wrote on Twitter: “George Floyd did not deserve this. This was not an isolated incident and should finish #BlackLivesMatter”.

In other parts of the social networks, Amber has been supporting the movement “Black Lives Matter”by typing: “I try to lead with love. I love God and try to live according to His word and ‘the WORD SAYS faith without works is DEAD’. So hands to the work. We are not protected we do Not feel safe. #DefundPolice #ProsecuteKillerCops NOW!”

Remember that Floyd he died after the police officer of Minneapolis, Derek Chauvin, held the knee in the neck for more than eight minutes last Monday.

The four officers involved were dismissed, with Chauvin later arrested and accused of murder in the third degree and manslaughter in the second degree.

However, the protests in various cities of the united States have not stopped since then. Even have joined international movements against racism in several cities of the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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