Angelina Jolie debuts as a ‘Youtuber’


As so many famous Angelina Jolie debuts as a ‘youtuber’. But not to tell of their day-to-day and their beauty secrets and things like that. She wants to strengthen her role as an ambassador for the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) and to get your message especially to the younger people.

For its premiere, the actress has carefully selected his two speeches, most notable up to now. The first is a small, short, about 15 minutes, of the words that he spoke in march at the opening of the annual meeting of the United Nations to ministers of Foreign Affairs and of Defense, where he is spoke on such topics as gender equality and the defense of the rights of women and refugees.

The second, a little more than six minutes, is an extract from a speech he gave Jolie two years ago, during the breakfast of the Women in the Entertainment Industry, a encuenro organised by ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

As does Leonardo DiCaprio, who basically used his account of Instagram to casusas related to the ecology, Jolie presumably will use your Youtube channel to also explain his travels as an ambassador of UNHCR. For example, the last 8 of June, Jolie visited the region colombian border with Venezuela “to evaluate the humanitarian response to the exodus”, according to UNHCR.

The last few years have not been easy

The actress went last weekend to an event in Disney in Los Angeles to announce that it will participate in the new production of superhérores of Marvel’s The Eternal, where it will incarnate to Thena. There he spoke also of his personal situation, particularly related to her divorce from Brad Pitt. “I’m like anyone, and especially these past few years have not been the easiest. I have not felt with sufficient strength. But there is something that, when you don’t feel strong, makes you move forward. Sometimes you feel depressed and you have to get up. Right now, I’m trained hard to be able to interpret Thena and she is very positive… so healthy and so aggressive that sometimes I think ‘this is not going to work.’ But you have to follow and pressure you to do it,” she said. “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to interpret this type of character, that make me pull out all the strength that I have and remind me that I too can be strong”, he explained.