Anonymous points out to Trump and the Minneapolis Police after the death of George Floyd


The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police has raised a wave of indignation throughout the united States. Thousands of people come each day to the streets to protest against the police brutality suffered by black people throughout the country.

[+]Listen to some of the very serious accusations of Anonymous

The case Floyd also has served for Anonymous return to the charge, and with more force than ever. The hacker group has threatened the Minneapolis Police Department and, in a message ensures that “do not trust” in the “corrupt organization to carry out the justice, and for that we will expose his many crimes to the world”.

According to the hacker group, the death of George Floyd is “just the tip of the iceberg” and ensures that police officers kill people “and committing crimes must be held accountable”, therefore requests that are submitted criminal charges against all the police officers involved in the death of Floydnot only Derek Chauvin.

But the thing is by going to more, and are making accusations egregious that affect the characters are very well-known worldwide.

According to the hacker group, the death of George Floyd is “just the tip of the iceberg”

For example, have ensured that names such as the Ivanka and Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, Chris Evans, Mick Jagger or Will Smith are related to the network of child trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein.

The group of cyber activists threatened by Donald Trump, who also accuse you of being in the list of Epstein stood in the orbit of the organized crimewhich is why he was being blackmailed by Russia, which would provide the necessary evidence against you.

In addition, the account OpDeathEaters posted a tweet (deleted later) ensures that the death of Lady Di in August of 1997 it was not an accident, but that would have been killed by order of the royal house of british.

According to their theory, they decided to end it to prevent that will reveal cases of corruption and sex trafficking allegedly involving the royal family.

Come on, that thing is coming out of mother and threatens to go to more in the coming days.