Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry or Harry Styles, celebrities who are paying fines of the detainees for the protests in the united States


Many famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, J Balvin, Madonna or Ariana Grande, are raising their voices along with those of hundreds of thousands of anonymous citizens, who have taken to the streets to protest against the situation of the black population in the united States, in a few riots triggered after the last and tragic death of a citizen is african-american.

George Floyd died in the hospital after a police officer Minneapolisin Minnesota, we apply a maneuver of immobilization during long minutes, to cause a loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygenation. The man died shortly after being transported by ambulance, but the whole process was recorded by the cameras of passers-by, asking for clemency for the police officers who were reduced to Floyd, a special agent who kept his knee down a long time against the jugular of the detainee, while he prayed that the to remove them, because I couldn’t breathe.

And that support, on the part of some characters as relevant to the world of music as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande or Harry Styles, it goes beyond messages in social networks, since they are paying for the bail of some of the detainees, and demand justice for the death of Floyd and responsibilities to the president Trump.


In this climate of protest runs through all of the united States, and much of the world has echoed. Under the motto ‘Black Lives Matters‘, has started a movement to support the black community, against racism and in favor of equality and justice for all. “Please, I can not breathe”, are the words pronounced again and again Floyd until it has become unconscious under the knee of the police officer. A phrase that is also flying as a symbol of the hundreds of thousands of protesters invaded the streets of one of the most powerful countries of the world.

“Every day I do things without fear that I am privileged, and I am privileged every day because I am white. Not to be racist is not enough, we need to be anti-racist. Social change is promoted when a society is mobilized. I sympathize with all those who are protesting”, we can read in the publication of Harry Styles.

But it is not the only one that is transmitting powerful messages of support: