Artificial intelligence: Frank Sinatra sings a theme of Britney Spears


Some years ago talk about “artificial intelligence” was to imagine a world super futuristic full of technological advances and even robots interacting with people as a citizen. But eventually this new type of intelligence came and proved that he can be friendly of what is said.

OpenAI, a company developing artificial intelligence, launched a neural network that is called Jukebox., that allows you to create “mashups” (something like “collage music”) and that account with more than 9,000 bands and musicians to begin to experiment.

That’s why members DADABOTS, a duo that creates music from algorithms, were among the first to experiment with this new technology, and they had Frank Sinatra singing “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

The end result sounds fairly faithful to a recording of that old Frank Sinatra but with the detail that the letter (and some melody) this is the famous song of 2003 of a Britney Spears who still had not shaved nor had a rage attack against the press. When the mush up of Gardel and Ladies Free?