Cara Delevingne joins Puma to launch a collection of Pride


Puma collection Pride

“PUMA with love”the new collection of Puma starring Cara Delevingne celebrating the month of the Pride LGBTQ+ account with 13 pieces vibrant colors and the rainbow that represents the community. Each of the pieces is designed to be used with pride.

The collection is inspired by the passion of the model show love, hope and kindness to each other. Account with t-shirts, hoodies and crop tops in white and black which have the logo of the brand in the shades of the rainbow, as well as a t-shirt and colorful, a pair of flip-flops and a handbag.

What’s best of all? The 20% of the proceeds will be donated to The Cara Delevingne Foundation, a project of “The Giving Back Fund”to support charities LGBTQ+, The Trevor Project and Mind Out.

Collection gay pride Puma

The model shared that she planned to use the parts of the collection during the Pride celebrations to which I was going to attend, but given the circumstances to cause of the health crisis by coronavirus, it will be used from your home to your meetings in Zoom, and FaceTime.

So if you too are going to celebrate the Gay and lesbian Pride month from your home, we recommend that you use garments that go adhoc with the occasion. The collection “PUMA with love” it will be available in Mexico June 25 and will have a price range of $449 pesos to $1,099 pesos.

Collection gay pride Puma

With this collection, Puma is added to the list of brands inclusive, and diverse inspired by the LGBTQ+ to launch clothing special to celebrate the occasion.