Cara Delevingne reveals that she identifies as pansexual


The model is working with a recognized sports brand in the launch of a collection by the month “pride”. Photo: Instagram caradelevingne


The model and british actress Cara Delevingne confessed that identify with the term pansexual to describe your identity, it is a little after the end of his romantic relationship with actress Ashley Benson.

In an interview granted to the magazine Variety, Delevigne stated that the acceptance in Hollywood was not easy for her.

The thing is with me, change a lot. I feel different all the time. Some days I feel more feminine. Some days I feel more like a man. Always I will remain, I think, pansexual. However, one defines himself, either ‘they’ or ‘he’ or ‘she’. I fell in love with the person and that is all. I am attracted to the person,” he said.

Photo: Instagram caradelevingne

The actress of 27 years also he spoke about his approach to Harvey Weinstein in the early days of his career and how he’s conditioned.

Harvey was one of the people that told me I couldn’t be with a woman and also be an actress. I had to have a beard. I felt very discouraged. You have a conversation with a friend and they say: ‘I’m going to pretend that I am with you, but really I don’t love you’. I think that when I pushed more that way, I realized how much more I needed to go to the other side,” he added.

The model is working with a recognized sports brand in the launch of a collection by the month “pride”, in addition to pending the resumption of recording the second season of the series Carnival Row, where he plays the fairy pansexual “Vignette”, which stopped its production in march due to the spread of the Covid-19.


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