Cardi B calls the reporter that claims that it was promoting violence


Cardi B is firing a journalist that claims that it was inciting violence.

The presenter of entertainment for KTLA, Doug Kolk, he directed a segment using the video portion of Instagram of the rapper where he went to the protests around the country following the death of George Floyd. Kolk stated that Cardi was using your “massive rig to promote violence.”

“The people he kidnaps and gets extremely angry, you know, it makes me feel like,‘ Yes! Finally! Finally the bastards going to listen to us now. Yes! ‘”, You can hear her say in the video issued. “For a lot of people to be so against, at this point I feel that I am not against that, although it scares me”.

But your video of Instagram was cut off before she could finish her thoughts. In the clip is not televised, she also encouraged their followers to vote in the upcoming election. “Another way that the people take the power … I don’t want everything to be political, but it is what it is. Is by voting, “ he added Cardi.

After listening to his words out of context, Cardi called the reporter on Twitter. “@DougKolk, why is your head square without lip does not have the paper that told me which to vote? You have the encouragement of cottage cheese having bitch, ” he said. “Why not publish how a supporter of conservative christian triumph publishes my address, and encourages people to loot my house (which by the way is going to jail)”.

His reaction led to an apology from Kolk. “I apologize to @iamcardib if I take their words out of context”, tweeted. “The respect for using their platform to connect with people during these difficult times and it was a mistake on my part not to let you listen to his full voice. I will make sure that is corrected during my next segment. “

KTLA also aired a segment that included an apology of Kolk. “Now I recognize how I interpreted wrong your words,” he said. “I ask for forgiveness to Cardi and his faithful followers, and let this serve as a learning experience for me, not only as a journalist but as a human being”.