Cardi B was hospitalized for a stomach ache | Urban


In full pandemic by the coronavirus, the rapper ended up in the hospital for a abdominal pain

Cardi B ended up in the hospital due to intense stomach pain during the pandemic coronavirus, as well as informed through a tweet that he subsequently deleted it.

During the night of last Wednesday, the singer of “I Like It” he sent a message through their social networks, along with a photograph in that it shows a tag of the hospital, stating that he had a malaise for four days, so he went to the emergency room.

“Honestly, I have been suffering from a very bad stomach pain for 4 days. I went to emergency last night and now I feel better, I hope that tomorrow it will not feel any pain”, he wrote in the text that you subsequently deleted it.

When he began to circulate information that Cardi B was in the hospital, many of his followers thought that it was because he had tested positive for coronavirus. However, this message was published for a few moments, indicates otherwise.

Currently, the singer returned to post their tweets with humor, it is an indication that the singer’s 27-year-old feels better.