Catch Lorenzo Mendez “nailed in a bar” singing with “spite” | THE IMPARTIAL

LOS ANGELES, California. – It seems that the problems within the marriage of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez has not improved, and is that the singer is now was caught singing in a bar in a way that they describe as ‘the spiteful’ on the topic of “No Oblivion”.

It should be noted that it all began when rumors circulated about an alleged infidelity committed by Mendez, and that it would end by alienating the partner. They would have denied such accusations, but what is certain is that there were even pictures in which you can see Lorenzo the outside of your house with their suitcases.

After Chiquis was promoting his new simple-to-side of Becky G, but the interviews focused more on his private life, so that she had to accept that things were not quite right within your relationship.

Lorenzo has even asked for prayer for their marriage and what they have left to see in social networks, the separation has not been easy for any of the two.

It should be noted that, although it says they are separated, the couple has not confirmed this news at all.

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