Chiara Ferragni retrieves a look that Britney wore at the end of the 90’s


If anything has taught us the fashion is that everything goes back. We have the proof in dresses satin of the ninetiesthe puffy sleeves of the eighties, the bell bottoms of the seventies, or the white boots of the sixties. A stylistic currents that have not only returned thanks to the fact that large firms have climbed back to the catwalk, but also because the people who know the most of fashion have made them your daily uniform. And among these girls, of course, is Chiara Ferragni. The entrepreneur not only has become an icon of style by following the new textile to the millimeter, but also by be an expert in rescuing trends from other decades, specifically the ninety. If a few months has already surprised us with the hairstyle that triumphed in Friends, now returns to the charge with a styling that could well belong to the wardrobe of the young very Britney Spears.

chiara ferragni

Clear that, taking into account that the influencer is a faithful follower of the singer from that this rose to fame (as has been made clear on many occasions), it was no wonder that it were one of their sources of inspiration when it comes to dress and take borrow some of their key stylistic. With their famous dressing of bottom and under the title “dress like a girl of the 90s”, Chiara has opted for a total look white reminds us suspiciously when she chose Britney to record your video clip, Sometimesin the summer of 1999, consisting of some baggy pants type joggera crop top with spaghetti straps and a pair of shoes abotinadas of fabric Superga. Among the few differences that distinguish them -and always faithful to the court ombliguero-, stresses that the top of the artist is of a high neck and short sleeve; otherwise, we might even come to think that what they have bought in the same shop if it was not because they separate by more than twenty years of difference.

britney spears

What will be inspired Chiara in the singer or must have been just a coincidence? Sometimes we forget that the celebrities they also look at other girls, so that it is possible that the Italian has taken this look as a reference (and more knowing of his admiration for Britney). By the time we have to settle with watching these two icons not only share hair color, but also tricks of style, but what we will witness some day time fan Chiara with the artist? We’re wishing!