Controversial mention of Lady Gaga’s song Bad Bunny infuriates fans of the pop artist


Even the other artist was mentioned in the song; Ricky Martin

3 Jun 2020 13:17By:

To mention another artist in a song is not a wrong decision. Many artists do, as when J Balvin highlights to Rosalia in its theme of ‘Rhythm’, however, the problem is not in whether mentioned or not, but what part of the song they were alluding to.

On social networks, hundreds of users have strongly criticized the singer of trap latino Bad Bunny and his companion duet Anuel AA, for its theme ‘Up to God To Say’, whose song in one of his stanzas makes an allusion to Lady Gaga in a context qualified as ‘obscene’.

“You are my Lady Gaga, I your Bradley Cooper. She swallows and I spit out”, says the song.

Fans of Lady Gaga don’t fell well that rhyme. In fact there are those who have been assured that from now on Bad Bunny will be “cancelled” for them.

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Comments on song for a Bad Bunny on Lady Gaga

Comment on Lady gaga in song Anuel

Criticize song Bad Bunny by speaking of Lady Gaga

Even the other artist was mentioned in the song; Ricky Martin, to whom I dedicated this phrase: ‘Tás so hard that even Ricky Martin wants to give you”.

‘Until God Says’ it is part of the new album of Anuel AA, called ‘Emmanuel’, in which collaborated several artists of the genre urban.

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