Cristina Rodlo: “there is no longer racism and the stereotypes that existed in Hollywood”

(CNN Spanish) — After having struggled with negative responses in various auditions in Hollywood 10 years ago, the mexican actress Cristina Rodlo managed to get in the crosshairs of various producers of television and film.

His most recent projects include the “68 Whiskey”, alongside Sam Keeley, Derek Theler and Gage Golightly; the second season of “The Terror”, in which he was the only Latin; “Too Old To Die Young” under the direction of Nicolas Winding Refn, sharing credits with miles Teller, John Hawkes.

“I’ve been very fortunate in working on projects such as “Miss Bala”, “Too Old To Die Young”, “The Terror”, a series produced by Ridley Scott, and now in the “68 Whiskey”, Ron Howard’s,” said the actress about the projects in which he has been working in the last few years. In addition, he stated that he had started a movie in the united States before the pandemic.

The name of the series “68 Whiskey” comes from the medical specialists of the Army of the united States, known as 68W, and a variety of stories of a team based in Afghanistan. Rodlo gives life to the character of a dreamy mexican at risk of being deported to Mexico.

“When I did the casting (hearing-impaired) and I knew it was a dreamer (dreamy), I wanted to stay for what that entails, to say that this happens every day with the management of Trump. The dreamers they have lived practically all his life in this country. My character carries 25 years living in the united States, she doesn’t know Mexico. Even when enlisted in the army and you are offered the citizenship, being in Afghanistan say that the administration is changing and wants to return. It was very important for me to get this message out of the dreamers, who were born in another place, but have grown up with the culture of another country,” says the actress, originally from Torreón, Coahuila, in Mexico.

The last name of Cristina Rodlo, is the union of their two last names: Rodriguez Lopez (Photo courtesy Talent on the Road)

Pop Zone:
How do I live today as a mexican in Los Angeles? Are there stereotypes towards women?

Cristina Rodlo:
Not anymore. When I went to America to study 10 years ago, I could not get anything. I went to a casting (hearing-impaired) and they were not giving me anything because I had the look (image) of the Latin that they were looking for. There was a lot of racism at that time. After the film “Miss Bala”, there was a gap (gap) in which only Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz were the only ones in the anglo market. Then came Sofia Vergara and with the arrival of Karla Souza, things have changed. All the roles I have done were written for a north american, but with my interpretation during the auditions, the changed roles of a mexican american. This 10 years ago, would not have been included. Much remains to be done, and above all the latinos we have finished join. The big problem is between us. But there is no longer racism and the stereotypes that existed in Hollywood.