Critical, ‘A small favor’: Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are the new “desperate housewives” that go copazos


The secrets are like margarine, easy to spread, but bad for the heart. The quote is from Stephanie, the character of Anna Kendrick in ‘A small favor’, a single mother and ideal that always knows what to do for the well-being of your child and that you have a vlog of kitchen directed to mothers. One day, the door to the school of your child, is found with Emily (Blake Lively), a successful and busy public relations in the world of fashion, a mother who does not keep his jokes uncomfortable or your need for a drink to withstand the day.

Two women who behave socially in the opposite way end up having a dysfunctional friendship that, between martinis and secrets, shameful and shady, take you Stephanie, to investigate a mystery: the disappearance of Emily after to ask who picked up his son from school. ‘A small favor’ is that movie from a desktop that we love to see in Antena 3 but with true grace, quality, influence of noir, a sense of humor and twists really get embelesarnos. In addition, it has another advantage: knowing how to act in a thriller as cheeky as those of Kendrick and Lively, under the direction of Paul Feig.

  'A small favor'

There are still even more reasons that hook in the case of the disappearance of Emily, which becomes viral in the film by exposing Stephanie through her vlog every advance of the research. The film is a thriller with two main characters that would fit very well in the universe of ‘desperate housewives’, because it is handled in that same tone of delicious and poisoned comedy that plays with the idea of a perfectly twisted, and a thoroughly machiavellian that is found in all the characters, redefined under layers of style and adorabilidad.

A very intelligent and perceptive, both Kendrick as Lively defend the record sensational in the show’s two protagonists. Emily, in charge of the out Serena on ‘Gossip Girl’, is the responsible for throwing lines of dialogue as if pecks were to Stephanie, declaring himself as a character with a certain malice is exquisite. Member of ‘Giving the note’ it’s up the courageous task of being the direct source of the comedy in ‘A small favor’, something that comes out successfully with a vengeance, offering the viewer a natural grace that dazzles the mother of Thousands.

  'A small favor'

The conjunction of these two characters implies a duo key, that with its dynamics and evolution is going to captivate every scene, in a script that knows it all to go beyond entertainment and that grows exponentially in fun. ‘A small favor’ is known crazy and that is what makes it hilarious. Adapting the novel of the same title by Darcey Bell, Jessica Sharzer is the scriptwriter (‘American Horror Story’, the tv movie ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Nerve’) after the script of this thriller directed by Paul Feig, tanning in the comedy with series such as ‘The Office’ or ‘Freaks and Geeks’, and signed ‘special forces’ or the reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’ in the cinema, a film which is not, he rained affection precisely.

Here, Feig is pointing to both something new, a thriller that in the key of comedy may not work better. It has style (both formal and aesthetic, adding to the own setting, and the music of the tape to the glamour that follows the city and the world of Emily), and originality; it is also uninhibited and check him nose with the humor to create so intelligent a film in the style of those guilty pleasures that eats on the weekends.

Give the honey more sweet

While those are not worth even a hard, ‘A small favor’ uses the basis of events predictable and little credible to rise to be an awesome movie popcorn maker divine. And it is in your end when you discover more self-aware than ever and takes advantage of it to “make fun” of those momentitos that give us shame of others of this type of films under to create an outcome in the same line of fun picarona. In addition, in connection with this kind of “review” of the frames crazy weekend, so for the tape Feig is how little that matters, substantially, the male protagonist, Sean (Henry Golding, ‘Crazy Rich Asian’), the husband of Emily. It might not be a character more secondary to the game that manage them, when films of this style the man is usually the one that leads the pack and, ultimately, that matters. It is also located far from the figure of the researcher male tempted and corrupted the genre noir. Here, the detective in the making is the wonderful Stephanie.

  'A small favor'

There is a lot to take out of these female characters that, with the shock of humor and personality, star, show the dark side of his person with the mischief that it irradiates the film. The spins are the salt of the plot and the croccanti of ‘A small favor’ put those moments in which the other mothers and fathers of the college (among them, Andrew Rannells, Elijah from ‘Girls’) are coming together to put green to the friends of the film, as if back to ‘Big Little Lies’ were. Desperate women and “bad mothers”, what more do you want?

‘A small favor’ is released in cinemas September 28.

Note: 8

The best: Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, and the tone and sense of the mood prevailing in the movie.

The worst: Has pros and cons, but without a doubt the moment where the spin dash unleashed may be too fast-paced.