France, GB, Germany and the Netherlands unite to fight against racism in the US


PARIS.- Thousands of people gathered in front of the court of Paris –and in other cities of France to protest against the police violence, despite the fact that the demonstration was prohibited, in an international context marked by the unrest in the united States. In New Zealand, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Australia, and Canada, among other countries, hundreds of people have protested in the streets by police violence in the united States, after the death of George Floyd, on the 25th of may in Minneapolis, as a result of his arrest by four police officers.

In a peaceful manner, have asked their governments to address the racism and police violence in their respective countries.

The demonstrators in Paris were convened by the committee of support to the family of Adama Traoré, a young black man of 24 years who died in 2016 after being arrested by the police. “Today it’s not just the combat of the family Traoré, this is the fight of all of you. Today, when we fought for George Floyd, fought by Adama Traoré,” said Assa Traoré, the elder sister of Adama, in front of the protesters, who chanted “Revolution” or “everyone hates the police.”

“What happens in the united States is the same thing that happens in France,” said the activist.

The 19 July 2016, Adama Traoré died in a police station in the outskirts of Paris, about two hours after having been arrested.

In the afternoon there were strong clashes between a group of protesters and the police, who responded with shooting tear gas to disperse the crowd. We also detected a few fires on the public highway and the attempts of barricades.

In Europe, the black population has suffered discrimination and certifies the final report of the European Agency of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, indicating that 30 percent has suffered from racism, and only 14 percent reported it to authorities.

The European Union and the United Nations supported the peaceful protests.

The head of foreign policy of the EU, Josep Borrell, said that “as the people of the united States, we are shocked and dismayed by the death of Floyd. We have to make sure that in all parts, especially in societies based on the rule of law, democratic representation and the respect of liberties, the people in charge of keeping order does not use their capabilities the way in which they have been used in this very unfortunate death.”

In turn, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, noted that, “the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the demonstrations highlight the racial profiling endemic” in the united States.

He said that “the mortality rate of positive people to COVID-19 is two times higher among african americans”. Agencies

In the Hague, The Netherlands demonstration in repudiation of the murder of George Floyd