Hailey Baldwin hangs up the heels and delves into political issues: where was the model?


Hailey Baldwin are using their social networks to make a call to his followers about what is happening in the united States, after the death of the african american man, George Floydon the 25th of may. The model, 23 years old, guarded his high shoes and his pictures of a campaign to encourage americans to exercise their right to vote in the primary elections that took place on Tuesday 2 June.

In Instagramthe top model posted a picture with a black and white text under the subheading: “Verified. If you live in any of these states, PLEASE go and VOTE. It is SO important! TO MY FOLLOWERS WHO VOTE FOR THE FIRST TIME: WE NEED YOU!”. Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Rhode Island, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota, plus Washington DC, were the states cast their votes in the first primary day americans.

Justin Bieberof 26, husband of Baldwin, recognized in their social networks who can’t vote because you are a canadian citizen, but urged those who can to give their vote. Did the same thing Jennifer Lopez50. The interpreter of “On The Floor” hung up a chart of the states that voted, along with the caption: ‘Your vote COUNTS. I know the change. Salt and cast a vote. #BlackoutTuesday”.

Blunt called

Monday 1 June, the star of the catwalks he let out a short but sense communicated in his history of Instagram, targeted for those individuals of white skin who follow in silence after seeing that a white police officer of Minneapolis, Minnesota, to take his life to Floyd, even knowing the outrage it did. “For the whites that still remain silent, please consider this thought”wrote Baldwin.

The attention to the racism that is still prevalent in the american society, continued: “please think really, if George Floyd was his own brother, husband, father, or son … If Atatiana Jefferson or Breonna Taylor was your sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or best friend.” The supermodel urged to stop for a moment to think about what would have happened if “any of the other lives black lost it would have been someone close to you, I Think of how lucharías for justice for her death!”.