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Halle Berry, the only black woman Oscar winner for best actress (Monster”s Ball, 2001), has confessed that there was a time in its early stages in this profession he had to live in a shelter for homeless people. “That was hard” said the actress, 50 years ago, in an interview with People. “I called my mother and asked him to send me some money and she told me not to, something that led me to be a year without speaking to me with it, but it’s probably one of the best things he did for me,” he recalled.

“If you want to be there, then figure it out yourselves. Give up was never an option”, were the words that the mother of the actress then said to a young Berry who had left Cleveland, his hometown, to try her luck in New York. And although the view is that the result has been more than positive, the interpreter of Catwoman started sharing a room with other homeless of the Big Apple. “It was like when I was in high school, I had the insatiable desire to win,” he added.

And that same spirit of perseverance she continues following today, despite three failed marriages. The actress was formalized in December of 2016 her divorce from French actor Oliver Martinez –with whom she had one son Maceo– who split in October of the previous year after two years of marriage. In addition to Maceo, of 3 years, Berry has another daughter of 8, the result of its relationship with canadian model Gabriel Aubry. He was previously married to singer Eric Benét (2001-2005), and previously with the baseball player David Justice (1992-1997).

On the current situation, bachelorship, Berry has been insured to be enjoying it and learning a lot. “I’m enjoying with my children and I really have time to think and reflect. I’m learning to take a minute to be myself, and I’m trying to figure out how to take one decision or another on my own. This has been a great lesson for me,” he said, proud of having taken the decision to confront your fears to live “unhappy” because of his last divorce.

The protagonist of tape as Die another day and Operation Swordfish you want to leave that past behind and look to the future, starting with his new movie –which he stars and also produces– Kidnap, a story in which a desperate mother will stop at nothing to give with the whereabouts of your child kidnapped.

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Halle Berry with her son Maceo in Los Angeles. GTRESONLINE

“I think any person can feel identified with the pain of the protagonist. As a mother I could not imagine something that would give me more fear,” said the actress in an interview to EFE at the beginning of August.

After a period dedicated to the care of their children, Berry returns with more force that never to roll over again in his career. The actress will also return in September to try his luck on tv with Kingsman: the golden circlea project that you want to eager after their first experience with Extant, the series produced by Steven Spielberg, and that in Spain was issued in The Sixth.

“Television today is the path to follow for the actors. Of course I would do it again. In your time I bet for it, because he wanted to remain in Los Angeles while he was taking care of my baby. But now it is clear that the television is the quality”, he added to the Spanish agency.