Halsey result injury: We ask to the policemen who had ties


The united states is living das convulsed, then that will kick in a wave of protests in which they have participated also great artists, like Halsey.

The singer and actress is uni the cry of justice by George Floyd and respect for african americans that make life in the pas, and loc in the first line of a march.

Ace gave him to know she is their social networks, where I shared a series of photos of The streets of los angeles, to demonstrate that the initiative is executed without violence.

“We kept pacficos without moving, and without breaking the line. They opened fire with rubber bullets and gas lacrimgenos several times, against citizens that are not caused”.

In the set of photos that I added to your Instagram, there is a collage in which the interpreter Without me it appears on the basis of a couple of wounded of the demonstration.

“I had to bandage up a man who seemed that his entire face had exploded today. Then, before you say from the comfort of your home, that we are exaggerating, consider the injuries that some have suffered”.

Halsey even narrated that was struck a few times by the police and is safe and healthybut other people who participated in the protest were not the same luck.

“We urge you to have a push. To reconsider. Consider humanity, history and the future of our nations. Opened fire several times. I achieved two times. We were tear gassed repeatedly for hours.”