It breaks it all! Alexa Dellanos can’t take any more with the closure of the dress… That “the girls” to come out!


Alexa Dellanos it’s of no surprise to their followers on social networks. “What I have in mind?”, it was the most recent thing that he asked, after publishing an image in which it appears, simply thinking.

The first to respond was the mother of the blondethe journalist Myrka Dellanos, even if your partner also made space between the comments. Of course, the list of words of their fans, nor made to wait in your account of Instagram.

And is that, beyond the question that he did, or even from the responses of your followers, what called more the attention was the way that it had Alexa dazzle and amaze your fans with a pose very particular while wearing an evening gown.

The black color and the sensuality that is joined with the elegance of the piece of garment of Alexa, it’s of no surprise to anyone who sees it, imagining if the young promise of Instagram would be available at least for a compliment.

The curves of Alexa Dellanos make few dresses can look really demure, but there is no doubt that this set is one of the most eye-catching and elegant, with which has posed the potential blonde.