It’s impossible not to look! Salma Hayek was photographed with his particular pet. What animal was it?


Salma Hayek he has used his account of Instagram, with over 14 million followers as a platform for updating on your day-to-day.

Recently, the star of “Frida” decided to surprise their fans with an unusual postcard with your pet, an owl color grey.

“When you get asleep with the lens positions and an owl in your head,” said Salma in the social network of the polaroid, bringing about the likes of Jennifer Aniston.

In the wake of the criticism, the mexican star he had to clarify that the animal was just visiting your homebecause he was healing from some injuries before returning to their habitat.

After his release, the artist, 53 years old posted a video with your pet’s temporary, which I was enjoying, among a bouquet of flowers that were in the room.

Later, the wife of the businessman Francois Pineaut he used his influence to make a call to their fans and invite them to donate in a cause that serves undocumented people in the united States.

“This weekend was the birthday number 90 of our legendary civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, who has been the angel of the workers”, he explained Hayek from your garden.

The actress of “big Kids” it has been characterized by support of foundations related to this kind of issues, becoming a great representative of political issues in the country.